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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Law of Justice

It is a good sir authorized police listens to the plot of gulfs, scoundrels linked to the Brugal frame of the wastes of southern Alicante, but now comes another of the 12 who have gone through the case and says that the tests are "lack of motivation" and nullifies many of them leaving death touched the process and more alive than ever criminals reflected in tracks. If you were lacking motivation and authorized, why have not papered the GCJ? If no faults are also motivational ,,, why not papered the GCJ by annulling? It has all the earmarks (and if not, they hide it well) that someone has scared a lot to see scoundrels that many Alicantinos politicians, almost all of the same party, because now the same judge or another it has collected the process Subsequently, him being guarantor of the rights of criminals (these are not suspected) with social scandal there on the street. This type of subjects, like the one that uncovered the shocking and blatant case of purchasing matches the Hercules, the moment of truth, you go to know because they find loopholes to "implement all the guarantees" these corrupt gulfs . People with their wiles from the point of "legal" view allow certain courts continue distilling stench of garbage (pun intended) with these decisions but mainly throws on social justice perception that really sucks. If you have to apply loopholes to save your ass rabble of this caliber like all tracks appearing on Brugal case, my can proceed to get the whole law where they fit. And the Aranzadi collection with hard cover below. If we have to clean the society of media types ilk, who have the guts to convert this society in decent start by judges. Then by politicians as if judges "shit" thieves and corrupt politicians will follow in the street. In the municipalities, county councils and Consellerias they are already.

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